Friday, September 10, 2010

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

What a magnificent book! It has love ghosts, lost kids, weird housekeeper and second chances.

Andie Miller-Archer and North Archer are divorced and haven't seen one another for ten years. The past is dead and done - she is engaged to Will Spenser the famous writer. Andie's life couldn't be better, she has come to see North to return tens years of alimony checks and to say good-be.

North is the legal guardian of two children, Alice and Carter, who live in an alleged haunted house in a remote area in the south of Iowa. The children are orphans and being taken care of by Mrs. Crumb, the elderly housekeeper. North has been unable to keep Nannie because they believe the house is haunted , the children are weird and Mrs, Crumb is downright evil. In desperation North hires Andie to fix the children and see what is actually going on at the house.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Becoming A Woman Of Destiny by Suzan Johnson Cook

Wow - what a book! Dr. Cook or Dr. Sujay as she is known to thousands is an excellent writer and truly a Woman of Destiny. She has patterned her book and her life after the most prominent woman in biblical history - Deborah of the Old Testament, a woman who has no peer, the Prophetess-Judge-Warrior-Wife.

Dr, Sujay uses Deborah's Four-Pillared Model to illustrate how we can become A Women Of Destiny. These are:

-Intelligence - pursue new goals with clarity, decisiveness, and thoughtful strategies.
-Spirituality - a path of nurturing your sacred self through prayer and trust in God.
-Action - perform every action with the fruits of your new wisdom.
-Community - form your Destiny Circle.

Now more than ever the world needs women who aren't afraid to walk the talk about doing the right thing. A woman of Destiny, like Deborah, can listen to God's voice by showing reverence for their intuition, their God-given connection to the Holy Spirit.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once Wicked Always Dead by T. Marie Benchley

Molly Madison has it all - Country Clubs and the luxury of city life in Florida. Her husband , Phillip, is a successful attorney - her world is almost perfect. Suddenly everything comes crashing down. Her parents are killed in a fierily automobile and she learns Phillip is gay. After hearing all the gory passionate details from his lover, she leaves everything behind and heads to Montana and her family home - The Ghost Bear Ranch. She plans to divorce Phillip and start a life. Molly is unprepared for her instant attraction to Clayton Leatherbe, the ranch foreman.

Molly is unaware of the sociopath creating havoc with a sense of her own justice. Phillip want her to sell the ranch so he can further his political ambitions. Her refusal causes a riff in their relationship. Molly's ranch falls prey to an unscrupulous land developer determined to get the ranch and he will stop at nothing to obtain his goal.

Everything seems to go wrong at the ranch since Molly took over as owner. Several murders have occurred - Phillip's ex lover is out to exact his revenge on Molly - Clayton is questioned by the local police.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson

This is an amazing book - a delightful interesting read. Sixteen women leave St, Louis, Missouri en route to the Nebraska Territory. They are Drake's Ladies Emigration Society. The ladies have been promised free government land in their own name, the only stipulation - they must homestead the land and live on it for five years. Mr. Harold Drake is really an unscrupulous con artist who has an entirely different agenda that the one presented to the ladies.

Upon arriving in Plum Grove, Nebraska they learn Drake's true purpose in bring them to Nebraska. They are to be brides for the men in Cayote. Eleven of the woman decide to take Drake's offer and go to Cayote. Five stayed in Plum Grove. The book is five womenfolk's story in one - Sally, Caroline. Ellie, Hattie and Ruth. They would obtain the promise land and make a home for themselves.


Friday, August 6, 2010

She Walks In Beauty by Siri Mitchell

The book takes place during the late-Victorian area. An area where money and appearance means everything and one would do anything to obtain. The women were put through a training regimen to take on a role in society. The story mainly is about two young girls - Clara and Lizzie. This is the season they will make their debut. The objective is to either be engaged or married at the end of the season. The catch of the year is Franklin De Vries, heir to the De Vries' fortune. Both girls are in competition to win Franklin as their husband.

Lizza is really cut out for this kind of life. She doesn't resent her mother pushing her towards the final goal. She whole heartily embraces the balls, dancing, flirting, etc. Her main goal is to become Mrs. Franklin De Vries.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Humanitarian Jesus by Christian Buckley & Ryan Dobson

This is an amazing thought provoking book. I liked it, but I didn't at the beginning. I thought this is another one of those books where the authors tell you all the good things they and their organization is doing for the poor and the environment. As I turned the pages I begin to understand how all the organizations are working throughout the world helping to alleviate some of the poverty. I did not always agree with their views or those of the interviews, CEOs and President, of various humanitarian organizations. You probably won't either, but they will get you thinking about the world's problems.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shut Up And Kiss Me by Christie Craig

This is an exciting, fast-moving story with intriguing characters and a little mystery and murder thrown in for good measure. The story is about love, regrets, secrets, stalking and Native American culture. The culture of an almost forgotten society - the belief of Council Elder Redfoot Darkwater and his spirits. Shala Winters is a photojournalist, living in Houston, Texas who has been hired by Major Johnson of Precious, Texas to put it on the map - bring tourism to the town. There are some that are not too thrilled that she is coming to their town and are very vocal in their protest.

Shala arrives in Precious just at the time the Native Americans are holding their annual powwow. The sign clearly states no cameras allowed. She is reluctant to leave her expensive Nikon camera at the gate and takes it with her, as it always happens when we disobey the rules, something goes wrong. A woman in the crowd takes a picture. Sky Gomez, one of the dancers, believes Shala has taken the picture and snags her camera and refuses to return it. After talking to the Tribal Council, she is told Sky has the camera and will return it in a week if she pays the asking fine - whatever it may be.