Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once Wicked Always Dead by T. Marie Benchley

Molly Madison has it all - Country Clubs and the luxury of city life in Florida. Her husband , Phillip, is a successful attorney - her world is almost perfect. Suddenly everything comes crashing down. Her parents are killed in a fierily automobile and she learns Phillip is gay. After hearing all the gory passionate details from his lover, she leaves everything behind and heads to Montana and her family home - The Ghost Bear Ranch. She plans to divorce Phillip and start a life. Molly is unprepared for her instant attraction to Clayton Leatherbe, the ranch foreman.

Molly is unaware of the sociopath creating havoc with a sense of her own justice. Phillip want her to sell the ranch so he can further his political ambitions. Her refusal causes a riff in their relationship. Molly's ranch falls prey to an unscrupulous land developer determined to get the ranch and he will stop at nothing to obtain his goal.

Everything seems to go wrong at the ranch since Molly took over as owner. Several murders have occurred - Phillip's ex lover is out to exact his revenge on Molly - Clayton is questioned by the local police.


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