Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shut Up And Kiss Me by Christie Craig

This is an exciting, fast-moving story with intriguing characters and a little mystery and murder thrown in for good measure. The story is about love, regrets, secrets, stalking and Native American culture. The culture of an almost forgotten society - the belief of Council Elder Redfoot Darkwater and his spirits. Shala Winters is a photojournalist, living in Houston, Texas who has been hired by Major Johnson of Precious, Texas to put it on the map - bring tourism to the town. There are some that are not too thrilled that she is coming to their town and are very vocal in their protest.

Shala arrives in Precious just at the time the Native Americans are holding their annual powwow. The sign clearly states no cameras allowed. She is reluctant to leave her expensive Nikon camera at the gate and takes it with her, as it always happens when we disobey the rules, something goes wrong. A woman in the crowd takes a picture. Sky Gomez, one of the dancers, believes Shala has taken the picture and snags her camera and refuses to return it. After talking to the Tribal Council, she is told Sky has the camera and will return it in a week if she pays the asking fine - whatever it may be.


Friday, July 23, 2010

No More Christian Nice Girl by Paul Coughlin & Jennifer D. Degler Ph.D

This is an amazing book! Did you know that Jesus had a nice side and a salty side? He was not nice 100% all the time. He rebuked people, but always in love. Have you been taught the watered down version of Jesus or the 360 degree Jesus? Today's Pastors only want to teach the one-sided Jesus. They tend to skip over the scriptures where Jesus was assertive. They want you to believe that Jesus was/is always gentle, meek and mild. That is not true - Jesus could and was assertive when it became necessary for him to do so.

Girls are taught from a early age that they should be "sugar and spice and everything nice". In other world be passive, keep silent.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cast of Characters by Max Lucado

This is a very intriguing and thought provoking book. Who are these characters? They are Moses. Esther, Paul, Peter, Job, the rich young ruler, Lazarus - to name a few. They are you and me. They were not a list of "Who's Who in Purity and Sainthood." Their live were marked by scandal and intrigue. These are people of the Bible - famous biblical characters. They had problems just like you and me. They were very human and imperfect just like you and me. Guess who was there to make everything right. Jesus - that's who. He will make everything right for you and me -all we have to do is ask and believe. Jesus (God) is the hero of all.


Monday, July 19, 2010

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, June by Robin Benway

April/May/June are sisters. Their parents have recently divorced and their dad has moved to Houston, Texas. They, with their mother, have moved to a new town and school. April is the oldest, May is the middle child and June the youngest.

April is the studious type - she actually likes school. May is a loner - she doesn't make friends easy, and June wants to be popular and fit in with the in-crowd. May is having problems with European History and is assigned a tutor. Henry. This seems ironic to her since most the Kings of Europe have been named Henry. Henry is very serious about his studies and hopes to go to Stanford after graduation. He wears everything with the Standford name on it even down to his shoe laces.

June, a freshman, becomes friends with Mariah, a sophomore. Mariah is a little wild and persuades June to ditch school, attend drunken parties and lie to her family. April/May/June are extraordinary girls - they have special powers. April can see the future - May can literally disappear - June can read minds. Will they realize that they need each other before it is too late?

Highly recommended! This is a funny, well written book. You will be amused at the antics the three sisters go through trying to keeps their powers secret. Read how they cope with being teenagers in high school, their first boyfriends and their parent's divorce. You will learn that there is nothing stronger than sisterhood!

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spaceheadz: SPHDZ Book #1 by Jon Scieszka and Francesco Sedita

This is a cute children's book about a fifth grader named Michael K. He is the kid in a new school. (P.S. 858 - Room 501), new town (Brooklyn, New York) and it is the first day. In his class are two other new kids - Bob and Jennifer. and a talking hamster - Major Fluffy. Their teacher is Mrs. Halley. Michael K. thinks the new kids are weird and doesn't want anything to do with them. Bob tells Michael K. they are spaceheadz from another planet. He tell Michael K. that he must become a SPHDG and save your world. This is really weird and what did he mean "save your world"? They need three point one four million (3.14M) Earth persons to become Spaceheadz or the Earth will be turned off.

Agent Umber is a special agent working for AAA. He receives a call on his AAA Pickle phone from his chief. There is a possible AEW (Alien Energy Wave) in his sector. The coordinates are D-7. - P.S. 858. He tells the chief he won't let him down. Umber's motto is to Protect and to Serve and to Always Look Up.

Bob and Jennifer has seen all the major Earth commercials and believes them all. They don't use spaceships, but change channels - or adjustment of wave forms, They have seen Michel K's eating Super Crunchies and believes he can do anything.

Recommend the book for children kindergarten through fifth grade, they will find the book funny, and intriguing. Their imagination will run wild as they read to see how Michael K. and Agent Umber will handle the problems associated with Bob and Jennifer. If they fall short of their goal - the Earth will be turned off.

Highly recommended.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somewhere To Belong by Judith Miller

Johanna Ilg has lived in Main Amana Colonies, Iowa her entire life. New Amana is one of the settlements that the devout Christians of German descent settled after leaving New York. There is approximately 500 people living in the settlement. More than one family live in a house and all share several communal kitchens. The elders or the Bruderrat of the settlement has assigned Johanna to work in the Kuche (kitchen) under the direction of the Kuchebaas (boss) - Sister Thekla Muhlbach. Each village has the Bruderrat who appoint the foreman for their industries and such. They also have the Grossebruderrat who oversee all matters that affect the colonies.

Berta Schumacher is the spoiled daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Schumacher from Chicago. They have come to live in Amana where Dr, Schumacher will be the doctor in Main Amana. Berta is unaware that her family plans to remain in Amana and pitches a fit. She does not want to stay in Amana or live in the same house with the Ilgs. Berta has been assigned to work in the Kuche and it is Johanna's job to train her.

Berta is an unruly seventeen year old child who flaunts authority and is always getting into trouble. She resents her family moving to Amana, defies Sister Muhlbach's authority and pretty much does as she pleases. Johanna is a well mannered twenty-one year old woman who always obeys the rules and never gives anyone any trouble. She secretly dreams of visiting Chicago and seeing something of the outside world. Her brother Wilhelm left the colonies a number of years ago. He is now married to Larissa and have an elaborate home in Chicago.

On one of Wilhelm and Larissa's visit to Amana, Johanna learns a troubling family secret that changes her life. She is devastated - has her whole life been a lie. Johanna is permitted by her parents to accompany Wilhelm back to Chicago for visit. Her mother is afraid she will not return and blames Larissa for Wilhelm living in Chicago. Will she return to Amana or stay in Chicago? Will she forgive the people who have keep this secret from her?

During Johanna's absents Berta gets into deeper trouble and runs away. She goes to Chicago to find her father (who is attending a medical conference) and Johanna. What happens to Berta in Chicago?. Will she return to Amana. Will the people forgive her?

The people of Amana live a life similar to the Amish. The people in Amana are Germans where the Amish are Dutch. Both the Amish and the Amana people are devout Christians and wish to live a life secluded from the outside world.

I highly recommend the book. You will read how the people in Amana live their daily lives, the hard work they endure and their faith in God.

Judith Miller is an excellent author of historical fiction.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner

This is a very confusing book. Is Turner a christian, an atheist christian or what. The book appears to be part theology, part personal devotion and part rambling of a not so good Baptist who had a crush on Amy Grant. He is forbidden by his parents to attend contemporary concerts, but does so anyway. He is forbidden to listen to certain music, but defies his parents and listens to whatever he chooses. He dreams of becoming the Michael Jackson of christian music, but doesn't have enough talent. The book is suppose to be funny, but I found it more pathetic than funny. I did not care for Turner's brand of humor.

Turner's story is supposedly of innocence, music and the Holy Ghost. Where is the Holy Ghost? I did not sense His presence as I read the book. He is a blogger, speaker and has written other books, which I sincerely hope are better than this one.

Cannot recommend.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.