Friday, September 10, 2010

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

What a magnificent book! It has love ghosts, lost kids, weird housekeeper and second chances.

Andie Miller-Archer and North Archer are divorced and haven't seen one another for ten years. The past is dead and done - she is engaged to Will Spenser the famous writer. Andie's life couldn't be better, she has come to see North to return tens years of alimony checks and to say good-be.

North is the legal guardian of two children, Alice and Carter, who live in an alleged haunted house in a remote area in the south of Iowa. The children are orphans and being taken care of by Mrs. Crumb, the elderly housekeeper. North has been unable to keep Nannie because they believe the house is haunted , the children are weird and Mrs, Crumb is downright evil. In desperation North hires Andie to fix the children and see what is actually going on at the house.


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