Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Love God's Green Earth by Michael & Caroline Carroll

This book is written to be used as a daily devotional for kids and to make them aware of the need to protect God's creation. The devotional quotes daily scripture and touches briefly on the meaning and connection of the environment to the Bible. However, it seemed the book is more scientific than spiritual. The facts are interesting, the jokes cute, but in my opinion don't contribute enough spiritually. As a devotional it lacks substance.

I believe that this book is too detailed and deep for kids under the age of 10. Even after age 10, I question kid's ability to fully grasp the book's complexity. The book is colorfully illustrated with nice pictures, is for the most part cute, and is full of jokes, but is not something that will hold a child's interest for long. If used daily it is likely that kids would get excited about the environment and trying to take care of God's creation, but young kids, as a whole, are more interested in entertainment than in social responsibility. I applaud the authors for attempting to encourage the perspective that the earth as God's magnificent creation I have my doubts though as to their success. At the least, this devotional could be used as a reference book for some school projects as there are some interesting facts listed.

As for myself, I was challenged by the publisher to determine an action step that I could take to make my household more environmentally sound. My action step is to ensure that 95% of light bulbs in my home are compact fluorescent bulbs.

This book was supplied by the publisher as a review copy.

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